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                                Recently, Dr.Jitendra P. Dongare, FSSAI, has sent a mail to many food safety implementing officials asking for suggestions regarding the proposed trainning program for the food safety personnel. I reproduce the same below for the purpose of  information and for suggestions.
                               "THIS SHOWS THEIR INTEREST AND TRUST ON US. 
                                   LET US TUNE OURSELVES TO BETTER PERFORMANCE.
                                     BE PROUD TO BE A FOOD SAFETY OFFICER
                                         BE READY TO SERVE THE NATION BETTER"

Dear All,
At the outset let me wish you a very happy and prosperous new year 2011. Hope you all are gearing up to be the part of new food safety regime, coming in your way in near future.
To enforce the new regulations, capacity building of food safety personnel and new entrants in food safety regulatory force have a paramount importance. Keeping in view the essentials of skill required we are drafting the long term training programme for FSOs and DOs as similar to the earlier three months training programme under PFA for food Inspectors. But we are planning a very structured training programme having in-house as well as field training including administrative protocols.
Since you all are having significant experience in PFA implementations and also well aware of forthcoming roles & responsibilities, please help us to prioritise the competency areas need to be addressed for developing the training programme. Please find attached questionnaire document which need to be filled up by you and please send it to following e-mail address -
Please remember your inputs only will help us to develop appropriate training programme.
An early response (As early as possible) in this regard will be highly appreciated.
With warm regards 
Dr. Jitendra P Dongare
    FSSAI, New Delhi
       Ph. 011-23237433
     Mob. 9873352606






Number of Years in present position:


(Although we need your name and designation, for information relevant to the results (such as identifying the types of responses by designation, no specific identifying information, such as individual names, will be used subsequently. The input you provide will help us improve the competency list and develop a framework for training.)


Given below is a list of core and professional competencies. Please rank them based on how you perceive their value to your work performance (1 being the highest and 7 the lowest for core competencies and 1 being the highest with 15 being the lowest of professional competencies). Each of the core competencies are described below.

Name of Core competency

Personal Responsibility                                   

Good Communication Skills

Professional Attitude

Organizational Ability

Information Technology

Applying and developing job related expertise

Literacy and Numeracy

Description of Competencies:

Personal Responsibility
·        Manages own time and resources well
·        Effectively analyses information received  
·        Makes sound decisions and judgments
·        Accepts responsibility for own actions and decisions

Good Communication Skills
·        Able to communicate clearly & consistently
·        Able to persuade and influence
·        Understands other points of view
·        Listens and provides appropriate responses

Information Technology  
·        Able to use computer-based software applications related to their role e.g. word-processing, spreadsheets, email
·        Able to understand security issues related to IT

Professional Attitude
·        Able to plan, organise and prioritise work effectively
·        Acts consistently and transparently
·        Delivers timely results
·        Uses knowledge effectively
·        Improves reputation of their occupation

Organizational Ability
·        Able to work in team settings
·        Able to effectively manage resources e.g. time, equipment, people
·        Able to work towards set objectives
·        Able to understand the importance of using agreed procedures
·        Able to plan, prioritise and agree activities to meet objectives
·        Able to meet deadlines

Applying and developing job related expertise
·        Demonstrates sound knowledge and expertise in the field of Food; Inspection and Safety
·        Shares knowledge and experience
·        Develops and uses the skills required for inspection, and investigation 

Literacy and Numeracy
·        Able to read and interpret complex texts e.g. legislation
·        Able to communicate effectively using written means

Professional Competences

Able to demonstrate a thorough understanding of existing domestic food law and forthcoming legislation.  

Able to identify the range of Hazards (biological, chemical, physical, and allergenic)
 that may result from food business activities and identify the associated health risks

Able to understand legal entities including: individuals; partnerships; limited
limited company etc.

Able to accurately draft and serve notices or other statutory enforceable
documents including court documents.

Able to gather evidence ensuring it is reliable, admissible and maintains continuity.

Able to prepare a prosecution case file or a report to the relevant person

Ability to identify possible underlying causes of any adulteration and investigate all reasonable lines of enquiry.

 Understand the causes of food spoilage and decay .

Understand methods of food spoilage prevention or control

Able to apply legal enforcement measures to reduce risks from food spoilage.

Ability to effectively undertake the inspection of food and food production, manufacturing, processing, wholesale and retail premises

Able to build and maintain a sound knowledge of food law and understanding of the Indian food safety and standards regulatory system

Able to identify sources of relevant information

Able to make effective use of information

Able to assimilate interpret and apply new legislation

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Food Safety Officers needs to be trained in Hygiene, Sanitation, Raw materials inspection, Infrastructural defeciencies,Pest control, cooking procedure,HACCP principles and all related subjects considering the various stake holders in the industry.