Sunday, February 13, 2011


THE HINDU-13.02.11
                                   Salt  is an unavoidable ingredient in our food. We add the salt, to impart taste to our food. Basically, salt contains Sodium Chloride. Iodine is added to it, as a nutritional substitute. Iodine added to salt when consumed, prevents Goitre in children. 

                       30 PPM iodine should be present in the Salt at the manufacturing point. It should at least be 25PPM at the distribution level till it reaches the consumer's shelves.
                         On 06.09.2007, we raided a grocery shop situated at Sindhupoonthurai area in Tirunelveli Corporation area and found the vendor selling Iodised salt in packets. On suspicion of adulteration in the salt,  we sent it for analysis to the state food laboratory.
                        The above salt was deficient in Iodine content and Sodium chloride and also the Moisture content was more than the permissible limit as per the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act and Rules existing in this country.
What does the Law say?   
  • Moisture content should not exceed 6%  
  •   Sodium chloride should not be less than 96%
  •   Matter insoluble in water should not exceed 1%
  •   Iodine should be at the levels as already discussed above.
                                  If the salt has values in contravention of these values, the vendor and the manufacturer of the salt will be held responsible. In this case also, as the standards did not conform to the standards prescribed under the Act, a criminal case was filed against the vendor and the manufacturer of the adulterated salt in the Judicial Magistrate Court No.IV, Tirunelveli.
                        On 11.02.2011, the Hon. Judicial Magistrate Thiru.K.S.PaulPandian convicted both the accused to undergo three months simple imprisonment and with a fine of rupees five hundred each. Assistant Public Prosecutor Mrs.Jayajeeva appeared for the prosecution.
                         It is a warning for other adulterators. Will they change their attitudes?                     


sakthi said...

Thank you.we have to work hard to change the adulterators.

FOOD said...

Sure Sakthi.