Friday, February 18, 2011


                           Dosa and idli inevitably find their way into the south Indian breakfast menu.  We were preparing them in stoneware instruments called “Ural” till last two decades. Then came the wet grinders, table-toop grinders and many more sophisticated grinders. When we started using the refrigerators, we used to store the batter prepared in wet grinders, for a week too. There began the problem.

THE HINDU -15.02.11
                                In the “Ural”(manually operated grinders) periods, the batter was prepared freshly on a day today needs or at the most, it will be stored hardly more than two or three days. Our own household members prepare them which makes it homely. But after the introduction of wet grinders, batter preparation has become mechanical. It has lost its homeliness. Nowadays, it is commercially prepared and sold in many houses, which makes the ladies lazy.                           
                            Then came the commercial preparation of wet batter on a large scale basis. It has to withstand climatic and storage conditions. The quality also depends on the personal hygiene of the food handlers and the quality of the rice and water used to prepare it.
                             A Chennai based NGO namely ‘CONCERT’ conducted a survey and  found that more than half of samples of batter — branded and not — bought from different shops contained bacteria associated with faecal matter. Most of the samples answered the tests for the presence of Hydrogen sulphide producing bacteria in it. This could cause food poisoning.  For more details:
                            This drew the attention of the Government to look into the quality of the batter throughout the State. Massive raids were conducted throughout the state on 14.02.2011 to check the quality of the Idli-Dosa wet flour.
                                 In Tirunelveli, we conducted the raids, found a commercial batter preparation unit running without any permission, ordered it to be closed, seized nearly 164Kg of batter unhygienically prepared which was unsound in quality.
                  We should always be cautious and health conscious. 
                        Let us not pay for diseases.


Danny said...

Very good article.. an eye opener...

vectron said...

Good effort.
Wet grinders and refrigerators are the hiding spots for cockroaches.Whether a cleaning schedule and pest management programme is in place also needs to be seen in the new FSSA regime.

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