Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Latest News of FSSAI

                                The draft FSSAI Rules forwarded to the Health Ministry for notification. The rules are framed for a governance structure of FSS Act, roles of different implementing agencies. On the basis of extensive consultations and regional workshop, State Governments have been sensitized to the provisions of the new FSS Act as well guided on the steps to be taken by them. During 2011, FSSAI shall closely work with each State to effect the transition from prevention of Food Adulteration Act (PFA) towards new Food Laws (FSS Act), designate new functionaries, introduce various new provisions of the Act and help upgrade their regulatory institutions. The recent earthquake in Japan and concerns.


sakthi said...

public as well as Food Inspectors are awaiting for the implementation of FSA.

FOOD said...

Yes Yes

Pramod Jain said...

FSSAI Rules have already been notified in the official gazette and Regulations are likely to be notified very shortly. The FSSAI is fixed tentatively implementation date as 5th August, 2011 for licensing etc.

vectron said...

Registration / Licensing procedure and formats to be followed may be uploaded in the official website. The state Food Safety Commissionerate should be geared to face the load of application it may receive after Aug 5th. Te role of private service providers may be used by the Govt. so that FBO s are sensitised in food safety aspects, face the challenges of the new law, ability to reply to the improvement notices served, registering / licensing to do the business etc.
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upj said...

The decided the Role of Food Inspector in forthcoming food Safety and standard Act but still not dicided the role of CFI.On this matter a lot of Confussion. please if can do it than clearifie it. thanks
From- CFI(U.P.)

RAJA said...

pujan hawan saamagree as liquid for deep burning comes under fssai or not

surendra pratap singh said...

if yearly turnover of a supplier or bender is less than 12 lakh,shold he apply for fssai licence.


//surendra pratap singhJuly 20, 2012 6:59 AM

if yearly turnover of a supplier or bender is less than 12 lakh,shold he apply for fssai licence.//

He should get his trade registered.

kaamalord said...

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FSSAI sticks to February 4, 2014 as the last date for licensing and registration of Food Business Operators

The apex body on food safety in India ‘FSSAI’ has decided not to allow any further extension for the Registration & Licensing of all food businesses under the new act. The original content of this advisory allowing extension till Feb. 4, 2014
Food Business Operators; you have very good opportunity to get License/Registration in to FSSAI License up to 4th February 2014
Implications of Advisory:
Now you can convert it in FSSAI License or Registration till 4th February 2014 without any penalty.
As per section 63 of FSSAI Act, Penalty for running the business without a license is imprisonment with up to 6 months with fine up to 5lakh.
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