Sunday, May 6, 2012


                   Fresh fruits are nutritious, but artificial ripening and chemical coating poses health hazards and render them unfit for consumption. To be cautious, we should wash the fruits with fresh/salt water to remove the pesticides,insecticides and other chemical coatings.

                     Seasonal fruits supply us good nutrition and energy. It is needless to say that seasonal fruits like water melon, mangoes, plums, musk melon and jackfruit provide us good energy and nutrition. Dieticians too advice to consume seasonal fruits for better nutrition. Better nutrients keep the diseases away. We, Indians prefer carbohydrate rich foods which should certainly be complemented by the nutrition rich fruits.
                 Water melon is fibrous in nature with rich water to rehydrate our dehydrated body during hot summers. Plums provide us rich minerals and iron. The rich fibre content in the fruits cleanses the waste and toxins from our body and tune up the bowel movements thereby prevents increase in  cholesterol level and decreases the risk of bowel cancer. Dieticians also advise us to consume raw fruits to prevent loss of nutrients as a result of washing.
                  In contra, the vendors have been addicted to the bad practice of using carcinogenic chemicals to ripen the fruits in bigger volumes to meet the demand and to earn huge money in short time. Addition of preservatives to the fruit drinks is also not advisable.
                                   The Anit-oxidants helps to eliminate the free radicals and carcinogenic by-products of metabolic processes and help to evade the risk of cancer.Chemicals like calcium carbide crystals which react with water to form acetylene gas or acetylene in gas form are used by vendors to artificially ripen fruits. “Ethephone, an insecticide, is another chemical used for the purpose. Some vendors also resort to burning kerosene stove or incense sticks in closed rooms to quicken the process of ripening.carbide gas acts as a neurotic agent which can cause neurological disorders. It is hazardous to pregnant women and child.The chemicals used for artificial ripening contain carcinogens, arsenic and phosphorus.
Symptoms of poisoning include vomiting, diarrhoea, burning or tingling sensation, numbness, headache and dizziness.

                                       The greedy vendors do not leave the apples too. The apples are allowed to be coated with bee-wax to keep them fresh. Of course, wax coating helps the apples to retain the water content of the fruits for longer time. But the vendors indulge in the practice of using petroleum wax to coat the apples which is highly carcinogenic.
                     Next time, when you think of purchasing fruits, please ensure that they are safe for consumption without chemical, pesticide and insecticide coatings. It is advisable to keep the mangoes under refrigerated condition for 24 hours to make them free from poisonous gases. Alternatively, you can keep the mangoes dipped in a pot of water for 24 hours before consumption, where the fridge is not available.

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