Sunday, June 24, 2012


Sanitary and Hygienic Requirements for Meat processing units:
Ø      Meat processing unit should be located in areas not subjected to regular and frequent flooding and free from objectionable odours, smoke dust and other contaminants;
Ø       Roadways and areas serving the meat processing unit which are within its boundaries or in its immediate vicinity should have a hard paved surface suitable for wheeled traffic. There should be adequate drainage and provision for cleaning;
Ø      The meat processing unit should provide working space for the satisfactory performance of all operations.
Ø       The construction should be sound and ensure ventilation, good natural or artificial lighting and easy cleaning.
Ø       The meat processing unit should be laid out and equipped so as to facilitate proper supervision of meat hygiene including performance of inspection and control;
Ø       The meat processing unit should be of such construction as to protect against the entrance and harboring of insects, birds, rodents or other vermin as well as the entry of environmental contaminants such as smoke, dust etc.
Ø       Buildings and facilities should be designed to provide separation by partition, location or other effective means, between those operations which may cause cross- contamination;
Ø       Meat processing unit should be laid out and equipped so as to ensure, that edible meat does not come into contact with floors, walls or other fixed structures, except those which are specifically designed for contact with meat;
Ø       The construction and lay out of any chilling room, freezing room, freezer store or freezer should satisfy the requirements of these rules;
In meat handling areas :
Ø        Floors should be of waterproof, non-absorbent, washable non-slippery and nontoxic materials, without crevices and should be easy to clean and slope sufficiently for liquids to drain to trapped outlets;
Ø        Walls should be of waterproof, non-absorbent, washable and nontoxic materials and should be light coloured. Up to a height of at least 1.5 metres,
Ø        They should be smooth and without crevices, and should be easy to clean and walls and floors and between walls and ceilings should be sealed and covered to facilitate cleaning;
Ø       Ceilings should be so designed, constructed and finished as to prevent any accumulation of dirt and minimize condensation, mould development and flaking and should be easy to clean;
Ø       Windows and other openings should be so constructed as to avoid accumulation of dirt and those which open should be fitted with insect screen.
Ø      Doors should have smooth, non-absorbent surfaces and where appropriate, be self-closing and close fitting; and
Ø       Stairs lift cages and auxiliary structures such as platforms, ladders, chutes, should be so situated and constructed as not to cause contamination of meat. They should be capable of being effectively cleaned.
Ø       The use of construction materials which cannot be cleaned and disinfected such as wood, should be avoided unless its use would clearly not be a source of contamination, and
Ø       Office accommodation should be provided for the use of the meat inspection agency.


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