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gujarat vichar manch said...

dear friends,
food safety act is made for changing food preparation to serving in a
best is main issue of compromise in food can be
done.maximum people has to eat outside anytime.changing habits of fast
food is concern.cases of food poisioning in gujarat are highest in
country.we care all about household food but your child can eat
something from other friend lunch box,or given food in school,or water
of it drinks or food taken outside school it might get food poisoning
and might get death without any warning time to cure it.
we are always in hurry and when hotel provide food at our cost why we
should get free bacteria when we are not paying for it.we never argue
or complain to authority for cleanliness of any food provider.
we never bother to have unclean food served,unhygienic condition of
food manufacturing,storing,serving,distribution etc.any small mistake
can get life of your beloved.and food safety act is made to make
overall precaution and we all must be to help to implement food safety
food safety authority has fixed last date for getting
registration/licence of food providers before 21 January 2014.its a
rule its compulsion to start new business of food related there must
be pre registered with food safety authority.
if you complain to food safety authority for unregistered food
provider you may get reward from government too.
to check food at the place of street toll free numbered mobile lab are
started to run and on spot they will check samples of food on your
complain will take immediate legal action to seal hotel or food
providers,make penalty upto 5 lakhs of rupees with 6 month
i have started food safety first mission and team helping to get food
provider registration and licence at their place at minimum expenses.
we also provide guidance of food safety act and formalities and
information on my helpline number- 78050596,narendra patel (lageraho
natubhai),surat,gujarat, may ask more detail by email
food safety act is for our health and it is direct control of central
government FSSAI department.
food providing business is unorganised and uncontrolled business and
if any complain happen agaist any food provider then penalty and
imprisionment ordered and if food provider escape in other place or
change name then also in law its provision that food safety authority
can seal,seize food provider persons own property of land,residence,or
asset,bank accounts etc to collect recovery by entering government
debt in his property anywhere in india.
if you have laptop/computer,scanner,internet connection and can make
online login to fillup registration form you will have extra income.if
you are technical person and can draw shop drawing in computer then
also you can get extra work of drawing and income.if you have camera
and can photography then also dise income is there.if you are MBBS
doctor then you can get extra income by checking waiters/staff /owner
health and issue medical fitness get such work or
training you may call any time or can get help by teamviewer software
using my or my team free help online.
we are running mission to provide help,information and legal
assistance free of cost.if you are sanitary inspector you can become
food safety trainer.if you can become well conversant with food safety
law then you can be food safety consultant.
only three month remaining to get registered or get license of food
safety act.know about food safety act and try to help
implementation,its indirect service to me in food safety
first mission.
thank you dear friend, hope to be have healthy food anywhere anytime.
narendra patel (lagerahonatubhai)7802050596,surat,gujarat.