Sunday, May 10, 2015


Complaints regarding any substance intended for human consumption can be sent to the Department of Safety and Drug Administration.

What are the items about which users can complain?

Food items including biscuits, chocolates etc purchased from supermarkets,
infant food, packaged drinking water, alcoholic drinks, chewing gum, meat, milk, vitamin and protein supplements among others. Issues with water used during the manufacture, preparation or treatment of food can be reported.

What happens when a complaint is filed?
On receipt of complaint, the designated officer of the respective district lifts a sample and sends it to the one of the six food analysis laboratories approved under the Act. The laboratories are situated in Chennai, Salem, Tirunelveli, Coimbatore, Thanjavur and Madurai.
If the food item is not found up to standards the owner of the establishment is given due warning and asked to rectify the issue. The premises is inspected again and if the problem is set right, no action is taken.

Can consumers themselves lift samples?
Yes, they can, after informing the owner of the establishment about lifting samples. There are certain specifications regarding the samples though. For instance, at least 250 ml of milk is required to run various tests

What are the common complaints received by the department?

Complaints regarding food served in restaurants are very common. Sometimes, customers call the authorities concerned from the restaurant itself and officials reach the spot immediately and lift samples.


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