Friday, September 2, 2016


The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is tightening safety standards for packaged drinking water and plans to come out with norms for spring natural water.
"There is some gap in the safety standards for packaged drinking water. At present there is no standard for spring natural water. We are working on that," said FSSAI CEO Pawan AgarwaI.
The move comes two months after the FSSAI issued notices to state authorities asking them to crack down on mineral water packaging units that are operating without its licence.
Last month, the food regulator gave a clean chit to PepsiCo, Coca Cola and Bisleri for their packaged water facilities, while crackdowns are underway on some smaller players operating without valid manufacturing licences.
Out of total 5,842 registered water packaging units, 1,495 have both BIS and FSSAI licences, while 4,347 units have only BIS certification, the regulator said.
Packaged water processors need to have BIS certification and FSSAI licence to start their operations.

Be a “Smart” consumer
While buying branded products, check the batch number, manufacture date, expiry date, food license number, as well as ISI or AGMARK certifications on the packaging. Also, make sure that the packaging has not been tampered with.
It is also important for the consumers to see the hygiene standards of the sweet shop while buying sweets to check if cleanliness is being maintained and whether food handlers are following basic personal hygiene standards. Look out for the following:
Are food handlers wearing clean clothes?
Are they wearing gloves while packing sweets from the counter?
Are they chewing or smoking tobacco?
Are they touching their mouth, nose, eyes or other body parts?
Are they spitting, sneezing, or coughing near food?
Are they handling food and money simultaneously?

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